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Where Are They Now? August 2015 Faves

Before I did the blawg thing- I posted my faves on ol’ faithful: Instagram! Thought I’d look back at what I was loving last year during this month and let you guys know what I am still using, or if I’ve found something more fantastic!

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.02.43 PM

Yankee Candle Fall Scents!! Yes, I am still absolutely loving these, but haven’t pulled out these two yet this year. I kind of started cheating on Yank with Bath & Body Works…so I’ve been giving their fall options a chance. And yes, even though it is 98 degrees outside- football is back and I’m gonna burn fall scents, damnit!!

NYX Dark Circle Concealer – I don’t use this nearly that much anymore. I just have so many other concealer options! Maybe I’ll whip it back out- it is a great, creamy under-eye corrector for dark circles that doesn’t dry out the skin or accentuate wrinkles. It has that corrector type of pink/salmony shade. I mostly just hate the packaging- so I kinda veered away from it.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Enzyme Mask – oh hey discontinued product! I still use this periodically (when I remember, I have too many masks. its a sickness!) This is a great exfoliating mask that isn’t abrasive or stinging. It uses natural fruit acids to exfoliate away, and leave you glowing. I have no idea what their shipping is like- but this thing is on the clearance page for $2.14!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment – K. I spent $24 on a LIP BALM. That I loved for a brief period of time until I realized it was actually making my lips peel more than it was helping. I have since then received a sample size of a tinted version of this that seems to do a better job- but honestly, there are cheaper options like this and this.

Tarte Maracuja Oil – HAHAAHA. Yes. This is still a favorite. Do you even know me?!

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – This eyeliner is still amazing and I still haven’t found a better option for the quality (& price!!) There are great, expensive liquid eyeliners, but this one is only $6.99, and stands up to my oily, watery, hooded eyes. So it’s a WIN. Linking to the product page on their website, I see fun new colors of this liner. I MUST try them!

A whole new round of August favorites, 2016 edition, will be up in a couple weeks!