Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Foundation | REVIEW

For some reason – I just love buying new foundations. Even though I spend so much time and money on skincare, I still want to find that perfect foundation that will seamlessly cover any imperfections I still have.

Enter, the NEW, Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Foundation. I have never tried anything from Dermablend, and this foundation has astounding claims. So I had to try it!


The Product

Dermablend Blurring Mousse Camo Foundation, in the shade Cameo. I got mine at Ulta for $38.

The Claims

Our best foundation for oily, combination, and acne prone skin. Oil-free coverage in a fresh mousse texture to smooth the appearance of bumps, crevices, and enlarged pores. Seamlessly camouflages skin concerns–including acne, redness, and scars–with a natural, matte finish for up to 18 hours. Fragrance free. Non-comedogenic. 

  • Evens skin tone, camouflages imperfections, and blurs blemishes
  • Long-lasting 18 hour color wear
  • Natural, matte finish
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 25 protection

This thing sounds like perfection right? My biggest concerns are oiliness and pores/texture. So this one sang to me.

The Application

It recommends using your fingertips, or a makeup sponge. I don’t do the finger thing, so I tried both with a sponge and buffing brush. I also experimented with and without a primer, as this boasted to smooth the texture of my skin- something I usually rely on a primer to do.

It applied a little blotchy with the brush, and was a little finicky with the sponge, but the coverage was buildable and the product did not sink into any pores. It set down super fast, which made blending difficult- but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing- because that is usually the sign of a long wearing foundation. It was definitely full coverage, and because I totes got the wrong shade, it wasn’t my favorite look.

The Wear

This foundation did not last 18 hours. The oils in my face, even when I used a primer, began to break down the product within 3 or 4. It was difficult to touch up on top of those break ups, and I felt like my face looked like a huge oily disgusting mess, with cakey coverage in the wrong shade.

The Verdict

I did not give this many more chances. I have a very short fuse for foundations and once you strike out, sayonara sister! Mayyyyybe trying the correct shade would help- but I don’t think that would help the wear of the product.

Has anyone else tried this product and had a different experience?? Let me know what you thought of it!