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    Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer | REVIEW

    Leslie here – happy belated new year! New year, new concealer? Maybe it’ll be new year = more blog posts. Maybe? Maybe. Today, I’m bringing you my thoughts on the fairly new addition to Urban Decay’s All Nighter collection – the Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer. Is this a concealer that tops Tarte Shape Tape?? Some are saying they love it even MORE – so I had to get my hands on it to see for myself. Let’s get into it!

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    Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Cushion Foundation | REVIEW

    Helllooooooo! Leslie here with another #foundationfriday! This was one a real struggle to get through – I was off most of the week celebrating with my HusBo, and then started playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Switch again – which is all I could think about. But luckily I have had this one in the chamber for a while 😉 This week I want to tell you alllll about the cushion foundation from Philosophy. One ‘mature’ (50+) YouTuber I watch says it is one of her faves, but other than that I haven’t really heard any chatter about it! Cushion foundations are very popular among the…

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    Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette | REVIEW | SWATCHES

    Listen. I know this is the 5000th review of this palette- but they are ALL different and I don’t know who to even trust out there in beauty land anymore. So I was in Ulta the other day, had a merchandise credit (that you can’t use online, wtf is that about), saw this thing out on the shelves and was all “sure, I’ll try it”. AND HERE WE ARE. So strap in because it’s Leslie here with her thoughts on the Subculture palette!

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    In Rotation – Current Faves, Recent Empties

    Leslie here! Have you missed me?? I know I’ve been slacking on this blogeroni, but I’ve actually been kind of boring lately. I’ve been on a ‘no buy’, and just trying to use up the products I already have in my stash. It’s kind of satisfying finishing something! And getting to use an entire product to the end, you get a clearer picture of what the product can offer you. I am really loving my skin these days, and I think its due to the combination of products (and consistency!) that I have been using. These are some of the things I am PLEASED about having to completely use up.…

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    Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation | REVIEW

    Man oh man, do I love a new foundation! When I saw that Covergirl was coming out with a new foundation, I stalked its release and was able to scoop it up on Ulta’s website! I haven’t seen it in stores yet- but the drugstores around here are a little slow when it comes to new releases. So let’s see how the new Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation performs!

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    Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation | REVIEW

    Leslie here, reviewing another cult fave for you guys! So many people swear by the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation so I wanted to see what the big to-do was all about. And now that Nars is finally available at Ulta, you can use rewards points on it! Keep reading for my thoughts!

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    Physicians Formula Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo | REVIEW

    So- I have some thoughts on color correcting. For the most part, I feel like it is a very trendy thing to do- to layer up all this product on your face that is completely unnecessary because most of the time the person doing it is starting with near perfect skin. But, not all of us have perfect skin. And not all of us want 16 different things piled up, for full, cakey coverage! And I may have found a great option for those of you in the same boat as me. So keep reading to see my thoughts on the new Cushion Corrector + Primer Duo from Physicians Formula!