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    Lancôme Skin Feels Good Tinted Moisturizer | REVIEW

    I recently received an AMAZING VoxBox from Influenster & Lancôme featuring the new Skin Feels Good Tinted Moisturizer. (Also included were three other FULL-size products!! Influenster outdid themselves this time.) This skin tint made its way into my weekly series #WearTestWednesday on the ‘Tube – but I wanted to share my final thoughts with you!

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    The Ordinary. Skincare Round 3! | REVIEW

    Leslie here with yet another round of thoughts on items from The Ordinary! This skincare line is extremely affordable, but made with clinical technologies, and very straightforward ingredients, claims, and marketing. I, for one, have had great luck with almost everything I have tried from this brand and will continue to try ALL THE THINGS. On the chopping block today, we have: Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%, Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%, Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, & Argireline Solution 10%. Let’s. get. in. to. this!

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    Best of 2017 – 17 Skincare Discoveries!

    Leslie here! If you haven’t been keeping up – I am slightly obsessed with skincare ’round here. And while I lie to myself and try to think that I’ll be better and not buy so much new skincare to try (because honestly wtf you literally don’t need anymore), I tried so many great, new things this year! Looking around at my current ‘routine’, if you can call it that, I am realizing so many things I am using on a daily basis were discovered in 2017. Whether they were released this year, or just new to me this year – I wanted to share with you guys! So keep reading…

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    Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Cushion Foundation | REVIEW

    Helllooooooo! Leslie here with another #foundationfriday! This was one a real struggle to get through – I was off most of the week celebrating with my HusBo, and then started playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Switch again – which is all I could think about. But luckily I have had this one in the chamber for a while 😉 This week I want to tell you alllll about the cushion foundation from Philosophy. One ‘mature’ (50+) YouTuber I watch says it is one of her faves, but other than that I haven’t really heard any chatter about it! Cushion foundations are very popular among the…

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    Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation | REVIEW

    Yaaas-lie here! This week for Foundation Friday I am going go over my thoughts on the new(ish) Blur Liquid from Milk Makeup. Milk is one of those super trendy brands with the super artistically simple packaging and millennials are losing their g-d minds over it. I’ve only tried a few things from Milk (see my thoughts on the Blur Stick here), but when ThaTaylaa RAVED about this one, I had to give it a try! So let’s. get. in. to. it.