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SUNDAY RILEY The Influencer Clean Long Wear Foundation | REVIEW

Leslie here! Today I am bringing you my FINAL thoughts on the NEW Sunday Riley The Influencer Clean Long Wear Foundation! My first impressions and #WearTestWednesday of this just went up too – so be sure to check that out for more of my thoughts!


Sunday Riley The Influencer Clean Long Wear Foundation, available in 20 shades, 1.08 oz for $42.

Sunday Riley New Influencer Foundation review

I picked up the shade 140, which they describe as light with neutral undertones. I did find this to ‘oxidize’ almost immediately after exiting the tube, so really is that oxidization? No one really even knows the definition anymore. Either way- it got a smidge darker.

SUNDAY RILEY The Influencer Clean Long Wear Foundation 140 swatch

That packaging is ALMOST perfect – the pump/tube combo is so convenient and sanitary. However, for such a luxe brand, my greedy ass wanted the cap to be a little fancier. Like a gold to match all her other packaging.


This product is really speaking to me with the claims, here. I am ALL about Sunday Riley (well, some of her products), and this one claims to redefine the line between skincare and makeup.


  • clean
  • natural-looking
  • long-lasting
  • medium to full coverage
  • satin matte finish
  • stays fresh, even through workouts and humidity
  • never cracks or creases
  • controls oil – shine free 
  • instantly minimizes pores


Now, you will notice that I have bolded some of those claims. And those are bolded because those are the particular claims I feel were NOT TRUE of this foundation. At least on my oily, dehydrated, 30-something skin with a little bit of texture.

We will get back to all of that later (or you could head on over to my YouTube channel and see for yourself!). But before we depart the “Claims”, I want to touch on the skincare properties of this product.

She does claim that this redefines the line between makeup and skincae. However, it is MUCH cheaper than almost anything else in her brand. It is also, interestingly enough, less expensive than a lot of high-end foundations. The price point is very interesting to me coming from a company who’s “mini size” of a serum is $105. I mean shit, even their facial cleanser costs more than this!

So are there really any skincare benefits in this thing??

Well – their “key ingredients” (the ones Sephora calls out at the top of the ingredient deck) are kind of….well… either missing or…. hard to find in the ingredients themselves. I was finally able to find:

  • Silicone Glycerol Emulsifier (Cetyl Diglyceryl Tris(Trimethylsiloxy)silylethyl Dimethicone) she’s a doozy.
  • Canadian Willowherb ( Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract)
  • Bisobolol

But I still don’t know which one of these is supposed to be the Northern Truffle Extract. [[Maybe you can find it?? Do you know which one it is??]]

The back of the tube also says it has oat, gingko biloba, and green tea in it to help balance surface redness.

sunday riley ingredients missing from packaging

But… I don’t see any of those either. Is Sunday Riley trying to play us??

ALSO. They make it a POINT to say this is a CLEAN foundation. Therefore, I do want to mention that this formula contains preservative alternatives to parabens, one of which is Phenoxyethanol. I don’t know much about the safety of parabens and their alternatives, but when I was Goog’in ingredients, a few articles came up warning that this was no better than parabens. Not saying I know anything definitive on the topic! Just wanted to point that out.


To really SEE it in action, check out the video. But even after trying this with different primers, it did NOT last. It just never sits nicely to begin with – very patchy and splotchy. It kind of sits in pores, it DEFINITELY settles in wrinkles. I found that powder products did not blend well on top, even after setting with a fine loose powder. The finish was never natural – it was just …. meh.

After an unacceptably short amount of time, this foundation starts to wear down. It pretty much just melts off! V. DISGUSTING. Words really can’t do it justice – you really need to see it in action for the true EW factor. Skip to around the 13:10 mark if you want to see 6 hours in!


Looking back at the claims:

  • clean – well, you’d have to judge for yourself if you think the paraben alternative is “clean” enough for you
  • natural-lookingthis did not look natural on my skin. It was drying but oily. and gross.
  • long-lasting – FOR SURE NOT
  • medium to full coverage – medium, AT BEST. this never built to full coverage.
  • WITH JUST ONE PUMP – if you saw my video, you would know it took about FIVE to cover my whole face. 
  • satin matte finish – I mean, I guess this one could be bolded as a lie too. It isn’t so much a satin matte, as a drying, flaky, patchy matte. 
  • stays fresh, even through workouts and humidityif by fresh, they mean shiny and red, then sure. 
  • never cracks or creasesit creased imMEDIATELY in my forehead lines.
  • controls oil – shine free hahahahahahahaaha……no
  • instantly minimizes pores – I didn’t notice if this did or did not do this. I know that if DID sink into them in a few areas. 

So in short – and I think a lot of fellow Sephora reviewers will agree with me (it currently has turrible reviews) – this thing is AWFUL. I’m talking, one of this worst I have tried. And I honestly don’t know who this would work for. It was so drying it some areas but yet got so creasy and oily throughout the day.

Have you tried this? Did you like it??




**Also – there are a lot of things saying this is Sunday Riley’s “first ever makeup product”, which is simply not true. When I first discovered Good Genes (I’m talking, the morning after first application and knew it was LOVE), I made it my mission to find every product by Sunday Riley under the sun. And – she has released some makeup previously. I know this because I almost BOUGHT some!

There was the Sunday Riley Effortless Tinted Primer, a Sunday Riley Blush, Sunday Riley Creme Gloss Sheer Impact Lip Color, Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color, Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color, Sunday Riley ‘Soft Focus’ Loose Finishing Powder – all discontinued. SO NO ALLURE. YOU’RE WRONG. 🙂


  • Victoria Ogburn

    Hi Leslie…..My dermatologist likes the CeraVe products. Is it possible for you to check out their “CeraVe Skin Renewing Gel Oil” They have a product line that are all grouped under “Skin Renewing “. Love your Blog~
    GA, USA

    • Leslie H

      Thanks for reading! I’ll definitely look into that product – I love all the other Cerave products I have tried. While I have oilier skin than most, it needs hydration. Thanks!

  • Victoria Ogburn

    And I wanted to THANK YOU for your reviews of “The Ordinary” I am getting ready to place my first order !! So excited !