Sephora Play! Box – July

Late, but not least, Leslie here with the Sephora Play! box for July!

This one I preferred much more than last month’s, so let’s have a look at what I got!



This box contained:

Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer

I already know that I love this bronzer (and you would know that too if you’ve read my post about bronzers. Why haven’t you read it yet? WHY?? I’ll wait here till you check it out.) It smells like chocolate, is matte, and comes in three flattering shades for any skin tone. It’s a must have, ladies.

blotterazzi™ by beautyblender®

Ummm…yeah. So this is like, the same technology and consistency of a beauty blender, which by the way is just an absolute necessity, but sliced up into little flat ‘sheets’ to be used like you would a blotting sheet throughout the day. But it is reusable, and washable, and ….weird. I mean – I guess it works to soak up the extra oil on your face, but then you have a used blotterazzi just hanging out in your bag when you could’ve just used the blue sheets, or TOILET PAPER and thrown it away. It’s been in my ‘gym bag’ the last few days, and I can assure you, it’s garbage. I’m glad I got to try it out, but I will promptly be giving it to my cat to play with and destroy.

Ouai Wave Spray

They really missed an opportunity here, because this brand, in case you felt as illiterate as I did, is pronounced ‘WAY’. And considering this is a WAYve spray…I’m just saying. But that aside- this stuff smells amazing. It doesn’t leave behind any residue, or make my hair sticky in any OUAI. It’s great for these hot ass days when you just can’t be bothered with heat styling.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay

I’ve been wanting to try some stuff from this line for some time now, and I really like this cleanser! It’s hard for me to get on board with a new facial cleanser, it really has to impress me. This one is not too harsh, but gets a nice deep clean. It might be a full size purchase!

NEST Eau de Parfum Spray in Citrine

Scents are very subjective, so me liking something could mean absolutely nothing to someone else. It it said to have notes of Lemon Blossom, Lotus Flower, Freesia, Dew Drop Accord, Precious Woods. I liked it! Subjectively 🙂

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing

Wooooo! I have almost purchased this dang primer like a thousand times. I am so excited to start trying and will report back! (I stupidly haven’t been using it since I got the box because I misread and didn’t realize it was oil-free. But now that I am sure, I will use it ALL THE DAYS. Unless it sucks, of course.)


So what do you guys think? Should I stay subscribed to the Play! box? This round was better, but I feel like maybe I’ll give it one more month to really impress me before I cut the cord.