Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Natural Perfection Foundation | REVIEW

Leslie here with another review! I went a little hog wild during the Sephora VIB sale, and I have many reviews coming up for you guys. The first one is a very pricey foundation, so let’s see if its worth the price-tag!

The Product

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Natural Perfection Foundation SPF 20, available at Sephora, $63 (SIXTY. THREE. DOLLARS) for the standard 1 oz. I DID receive 20% off this purchase in addition to 8% cash back with EBATES, so what better time to try it, right?!


 It comes in 14 shades (18 shades are shown on the Guerlain website), and I picked up the shade 03C Natural Cool. The shades are split up into categories of Warm, Cool, and Neutral- which is helpful IF you know your undertone. But as you can see in the swatch below- the ‘cool’ is a bit warm and orangey.


Here is the shade swatched – I blended this out with a beauty blender so you can see what kind of coverage one layer gives.

a little more orange than cool, right?

This is also the re-launch of a foundation. The previous version, the Guerlain ‘Lingerie de Peau’ Invisible Skin-Fusion Foundation, was in different packaging and retailed for $57. I have never tried the original- but everything I have seen leads me to believe it is nothing like the OG.

The Claims

This foundation claims it is suitable for ALL skin types, offering a medium to full coverage with a natural finish. Specifically “A natural-looking, skin-fusion texture foundation.

More straight from Guerlain website:

Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau turns the dream of a perfect foundation into reality – so skin-fusing and natural that it can’t be felt, can’t be seen. Its fresh, light texture glides onto the contours of the face like a second skin to enhance beauty naturally, without artifice, all day long.
Guerlain Technology, Bio-Fusion micro-mesh, an unprecedented combination of contouring and smoothing stretch fibres with natural silk and linen fibres that are in total affinity with skin. Hydrating agents bring softness and comfort throughout the day.  
Lingerie de Peau is offered in a universal range comprising 18 ultra-natural shades for every skin tone: cool, neutral and warm.

The Application/First Impression


First things first- this is a VERY fragranced product. They even have a section on the product description on the Guerlain website all about the fragrance (Lingerie de Peau has a distinctive and delicate floral scent. The first peach note blended with an accord of vegetable notes is fresh and sparkling.) So the fragrance PLUS the possible irritants due to the added fragrance put me off right away.

They recommend to apply this with either your fingers or their foundation brush- which is $52, so I’m good yo.✋🏻 I experimented with a combination of finger application, brushes, and a beauty blender. I honestly hate application with fingers and almost always have to follow up with a blending sponge of some sort, so I would say the best application I got was from doing most of my face with a brush and then building up coverage on places I need it with a sponge.

I don’t have dry skin really, but this tends to cling to dry patches. It almost immediately settled into the wrinkles on my forehead, and I couldn’t get it to build up in some areas. Like it was repelling it.

I would not call this medium to full coverage AT ALL. This foundation offers a very natural finish with a sheer to medium coverage. I found that I could still see blemishes, redness,  and freckles through the finish. But I prefer a lighter coverage with a natural finish. It does look like skin for the most part.

The SPF in the foundation does not cause a flashback that I could tell.

The Wear

 I set this with a couple different powders to try it out (and I always set with UD De-Slick Setting Spray!), and with all of them, the foundation started to break down within 4 hours or so. The foundation got incredibly dewy, in a way that made me self-conscious to get close to anybody! Not only does it get pretty oily, but every time I would blot, it would transfer, come off, or move around. And it oxidized something terrible!

The Verdict


For the price tag, I do not think this foundation is worth it. Many of the claims fell flat: this is not a full coverage foundation, it does NOT last all day, and I did not notice any ‘contouring and smoothing’. The claim of hydrating is there- as I got hella oily, BUT if you are dry, this may cling to dry skin and patches in an unflattering way. And it will likely sink in, emphasize, and even ‘pool up’ in fine lines and wrinkles.

Aside from that, the shade was not a great match for me. Way too dark/orange AND it continued to oxidize. It’s difficult to select the proper shade online without being able to test anything!

Also! I’m pretty sure this breaks me out or gives me some kind of reaction. Probably due to all the added fragrance.

TLDR: If you are super curious, find a counter and get a sample. But I just honestly don’t think this isn’t worth the money.

me, rn