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Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation | REVIEW

We love a clean ingredient list! And we love a foundation review!

So it is time, my friends, for a review of the NEW Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation!

Pacifica launched a TON of new makeup items on Ulta a few weeks ago, and I snagged some of those up to try out. I have a first impression and all day wear test up on my YouTube channel of these items as well – so be sure to check that out.

Pacifica is a vegan and cruelty-free company and these products are all marketed as having clean ingredients (free of silicone, parabens, phthalates, talc, BHA, BHT, petroleum and drying alcohols). But we’ll take a brief check over the ingredient deck, because as we all know – there really is no standard or regulation on what is allowed to be labeled as “clean”, and just because something is natural doesn’t mean it isn’t toxic or irritating. 🙂

the foundation

The Alight Clean Foundation is available in 30 shades – which is a good bit more than any previous offering from Pacifica. It comes in a gorgeous, slim, frosty glass bottle with a pump containing 0.9 oz of product and will set you back $16.

There aren’t TOO many claims on Ulta in the ways of coverage, finish, length of wear – but basically, it should: provide ‘seamless coverage’, a pore-free appearance, more radiant looking skin, and last day to night. I found that it was a buildable, medium coverage with a satin finish. It did not accentuate any pores or dryness on my face, it was not oily or greasy, and it was not matte or cakey.

Over the *right* primer (which is tricky to nail down for most people, I know!) this lasts pretty much all day on my skin. There is very little moving around, it fades ever so slightly on my chin and redness peeks through. I also don’t get a greasy or gross feeling. It just feels comfortable to wear! I will have to see how this wears during the extra hot and humid summer months of the Carolinas and report back – because something tells me I won’t have the same outcome…

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Ingredient wise – it looks pretty clean! I’m sure there is someone, SOMEwhere out there that will tell you the sodium chloride in this is toxic for you (that’s table salt by the way). But really, in the end, everything is and isn’t awful for us, isn’t it? It does contain fragrance, which they note is natural but natural or not, fragrance can be an irritant to sensitive to skin. And NEVER necessary in a makeup or skincare product (in my humble opinion)

The formula also includes some skin-caring ingredients like hyaluronic acid (told you it was in everything these days), coconut water, vitamin E and antioxidant plant extracts.

It is NOT, however, an oil-free formula but WAIT, don’t leave my oily friends! The main oil in this formula is squalane oil. Squalane most closely mimics the sebum your own face produces compared to other oils. It is very thin, lightweight, and noncomedogenic. This makes it one of the best oils to use for oily, dehydrated skin. It almost tricks your skin into thinking it doesn’t need to produce the oil it usually does because the squalane is already there. Does that make sense?

In other words, I will reiterate my wear test results – I didn’t get greasy throughout the day!


Oh! I almost forgot! The shades! I grabbed two shades to try – 36CL & 31CL, which are both called Cool Light but are described differently. 36CL is ‘fair light with peach undertone’ and 31CL is ‘light-medium with pink undertone’.

concealer on far left in 17CL, foundation in 31CL in middle, foundation in 36CL on right

For whatever reason, I decided to take these swatch photos with my new lens that doesn’t do too well with a shallow depth of field so it looks a little wonky BUT – you can still tell what the shades look like on my arm. I think 31CL is a pretty spot on match for what I want my face to look like ( and I swear I have to second guess myself every damn time because the shades are in reverse number ordering and it confuses me lol)


I have worn this multiple times since my initial wear test and I absolutely LOVE it – 8/10,  a BEAUTIFUL foundation!


Do you want to see a review/ follow up on the Liquid Cover Full Coverage Lasting Concealer as well? I’ve been wearing it since my wear test and I can’t put it down!