My Skin

I do a lot of reviews here focused on skin care and foundation – all things that are affected by one’s particular skin type. What might work great for me could absolutely be a disaster on someone else?

Knowing your own skin type and needs will go a long way in determining if a product would work for you (although its fun to try it all!)

I have oily, dehydrated skin with large pores and some lines beginning to show on my forehead and under my eyes.

I have super sensitive skin and have had major acne in the past, but now mostly need to worry about blackheads and congested pores.

I focus on proper hydration, skin texture, and brightening. And don’t forget the SPF!


As you age, your skin loses moisture and elasticity. I need to keep all the moisture I can in my skin, and therefore I do not limit myself to products that are strictly for oily skin. For nighttime products, I will often choose those that target DRY skin – because I want my face to be completely replenished and plump for the morning.

Products for oily skin tend to strip your face, dry you out, or emphasize wrinkles and pores (think matte foundation). I just want to look youthful, healthy, and young! So ‘matteness’ is not always a priority for me.