Lashify! DIY, At-Home Lash Extensions | REVIEW + DEMO

For some reason I keep buying false lashes, knowing good and darn well they are a) tricky to apply, b) irritating to wear and remove, and c) just look absolutely ridiculous on me.

I get sucked into the beauty world of YouTube where everyone makes it look SO easy and effortless to wear lashes every day and I’m like – I can totally do this! Add to cart!!

But then the lashes arrive – some are still sitting unopened in packaging – and they aren’t the right shape for my eye, or they are way too long and “out there” for my small hooded eyes. Either way, I have once again wasted time and money thinking I’ll have luscious lashes like all the others.

That is – until I tried Lashify.

Lashify is a lash extension system that looks like cluster false lashes on the surface, but it is oh so unique! With this system, you actually apply the lashes – or “gossamers” as they are referred to – to the bottom of your lashes using their special bond (glue) and fuse control wand (tweezers). Because the lashes are applied to the underside of your natural lashes, the end result looks astonishingly believable! They also tout that using their special system of gossamers, bond, and fusing the extensions could stay on for up to a week! A WEEK!

But as someone who can’t stand a single thing in or near her eye – I was skeptical. Would this really work? Was it easy? WAS IT GOING TO MAKE ME GO BLIND?!

Well, I purchased the $145 Control kit (starter kit) to test it out so you don’t have to! In this blog post, I will go over the starter kit, application, Lashify X subscription, and final thoughts after using for a few months! If at any time you feel convinced and want to get one for yourself – just remember that I have a referral link that will save you some $$. Click here to get your control kit with $20 off! (this is not an affiliate or commission link.)

The Control Kit

The first step on your Lashify journey will be purchasing a Control Kit. This is their starter kit that retails for $145. This kit contains everything you need to get started and additionally, they say at checkout that any orders made for other items on their site, without first purchasing the starter kit, will be canceled. This sounds like it could start to get real MLM/pyramid schemey real quick

No matter! Proceed to checkout I will! I willingly snag up The Lashify® Control Kit (even though I really had my eye on the “white” control kit that comes with a hologram Fuse Wand 😍 – but it was sold out at the time) …and then also one more set of Gossamers, because naturally – free shipping hits at $150.

So what comes in this kit?! Let’s break it down – each kit comes with:

  • Two sets of Gossamer® Lashes (you choose which style – see below for more on styles!), in lengths 12mm & 14mm.
  • One Fuse Control Wand™ (these are your tweezers)
  • WhisperLight™ Dual Sided Bond (this is your glue)
  • Seal & Finish Clear Coat (this is your….honestly I’m not sure the point of this one.)

The Gossamers

The Gossamer Lashes currently come in 4 styles – but only three are available through the Control Kit (and Lashify X, their lash subscription):

  • A’s, or Amplify, for an everyday effortless look
  • B’s, or Bold, for mascara like drama
  • C’s, or Curl, for the strongest curl

I decided to get my kit in the A’s, or Amplify because the description was most like the look I was going for. I did also add on a B in the 10mm length to get free shipping.

The other style, which was just launched March 15th, 2019, is the F’s, or Fluffy. The F’s are also the only style that come in an 8mm length at this time.

Styles A, B, & C are available in lengths 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, & 16mm. All of the listings for each lash style have great pictures to show you what the different lengths would look like.

In addition to the standard black color Gossamers, they also carry Prismatic Gossamers in shades like blue and purple – but these do not come in all the styles and lengths.

The Gossamers start at $20 each cartridge (one cartridge is more than enough to do both of my tiny eyes).

Application + Wear

Ok – so now we’re getting somewhere! This is what you came here for!

For starters – I test these out real time on my YoutTube channel and try them in different ways for a week. Check that video out here:

If you don’t feel like watching the video, let me summarize for you. I am terrible at false lashes. I also *hate* things in or near my eye. So imagine my utter surprise when these were not only insanely easy to apply but didn’t poke or irritate me either. They were just so easy, pretty and natural looking – and by god – I’m obsessed with them!

Application is very user-friendly (in my opinion) and takes somewhere in between 4 coats of mascara length of time and fussing with (messing up, and then having to redo your makeup) strip lashes length of time. And I’m sure I will only get faster with practice!

Another plus to this lash system is their customizability – is that a word? Because you can get a variety of styles and lengths, you really can create a lash look that suits your eye specifically. There is a whole online Lashify Society that shares their own lash maps of how many of what styles. The possibilities are endless with these. Follow them on Instagram and you can see all kinds of application videos and tutorials on the DAILY.

They last an entire day on me, and I’m certain they would last multiple days (their claim is up to one week) –  but because I like to really wash my face well at the end of the night – and that includes all eye makeup – I found it really difficult to feel like I was cleaning everything super well if I left them on. I also like to just kind of pick at them (because it’s fun right? like a scab? WHAT?! I’m only human!) so even though I tried to leave them on at the end of the night, they all ultimately came off.

And although they don’t really advertise that you can – you can absolutely reuse these! I have used the same Gossamers at least 3 times each! Just like strip lashes, as long as you take care of them, they will last longer.

Gossamer Examples + Faves

I’ve tried all four styles – in lengths ranging from 10mm – 14mm. I feel B10s look the MOST natural, like a just swiped on mascara – but after I tried on longer ones I was kind of addicted to longer ones. The F’s are definitely the most heavy on the eyelid, as they are thicker, but they look absolutely stunning. A’s and C’s are pretty easy, breezy, light and basic – but could definitely get some more volume out of stacking any of these styles together (again – you can really customize these in SO many ways!). I really don’t know what my favorite styles are yet – I still really like playing with all of them, mixing and matching, stacking them in different ways. I also kind of like using the 10s or 12s and adding a teeny bit of mascara to the tip – it really enhances the “natural” quality of the look because it looks more like your natural lashes with mascara on them.

Here are A12s on my hooded eyes – I felt like they were SO long in person, but in photos and videos, they look so good 😍.

Here are the new F’s – fluffies – on my hooded eyes. You can see they are quite a bit heavier/thicker at the base providing more volume. For this set, I used 12s on the outer portion and 10s towards the inside.

Final Thoughts

I. love. these.

The initial kit is pricey – yes. But for someone with ridiculously short lashes, who doesn’t want to do the strip lash thing and doesn’t really want to to the lash extensions thing – this really is an amazing system. I can choose the days I want to have fabulous lashes – and it’s so natural looking and EASY.

HIGHLY recommend – and if you want to try these for yourself you can use my referral link for a discount off your starter kit here.