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July 2016 Favorites – Where Are They Now?

You guys. It is hotter than sin outside. So I’ll just use it as an excuse to spend more time inside at my new PC setup in the office.

Leslie here! And I wanted to get back into favorites for you guys. But first, I thought it would be fun to look at LAST year’s July faves, and see if I still use everything. Let’s seeee!


First up, and always first if I’m being honest, we”ll get to skin care. Last year, I was OBSESSED with the Pixi Glow Tonic. And it really is fantastic! I have not repurchased it yet because I do still have a ginormous bottle of The Ordinary¬†Glycolic Acid Toning Solution. HOWEVER. I do prefer the Pixi version, it stings less- and is better for the AM. So I will definitely repurchase this once I need a new glycolic acid!

The Lumene Time Freeze kind of feel by the way side. While it felt and smelled nice, I wasn’t really seeing any “time freezing”, so I stopped using it. I have too many other products to be wastin’ my time on that! I don’t even see it for sale anywhere anymore. So. Oh well.

And lastly, the Pur HydraGel Lift. This one lost its appeal to me for some reason. It was great- I just stopped using it. WAA WAAAaa.


I actually just threw this Gimme Brow away because I realized it was old and clumpy, haha! A brow mascara is always nice to have on hand. Is this one the best of the best? certainly not. I have moved onto the Anastasia Brow Gel, and I really want to try Glossier’s Boy Brow!

The blush and bronzer are used on regular rotation (Too Faced Love Flush Blush and Too Faced¬†Sweethearts Bronzer Baked Luminous Glow Bronzer). Maybelline Lash Sensational gets repurchased often- and I can’t wait to try the new Lash Sensational¬†Curvitude!


And lastly- hair stuff I was obsessed with! The Alterna Caviar Working Hairspray is my all time favorite. I have repurchased since last July, and do not see myself moving onto a different hairspray. This stuff keeps everything in place without looking crunchy or gross. And I’m pretty sure this is the same tube of Don’t Blow It that I still have. I found a few other things that I like to use when my hair is air drying, but this one is still really great for fine, thin hair.

And that’s it for July 2016 recap! Some were Holy Grails, and some turned into ‘meh’. Stayed tuned in the next couple of weeks for a 2017 July faves!