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bliss Skincare | REVIEW & GLOW RECIPE DUPE?!

If you have walked into the Target beauty section at all recently, then you have seen the brand bliss they have started carrying in stores. (Most items are also available at Ulta, as well). And like any skincare obsessed person – with way too many things under the cabinet as it is, but omg this cleanser is only 9.99 and BOGO 50 – well, I ended up trying a good bit of items from the brand. So this is a brief review of those things I’ve picked up!


I was drawn to this item initially because it reminded me so much (in shape and claims) of the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I’ve never tried that cleanser, but they look suspiciously similar, no?

photo: Habitats + Hues

Their ingredients are kiiiiind of similar, but I have never used Glossier on my skin. So I won’t be able to compare anything other than the obvious things here. I do, however, really like the bliss Makeup Melt. It’s not the BEST at removing makeup, especially around the eyes. But as a first cleanse for the rest of the face, and as an all over everyday cleanser, it works really well. It is a dry/wet product, so I find that using it “dry” directly onto my makeup-ed skin and then wiping everything away with a damp cloth works really well. It is super gentle and nonirritating. Overall a pretty good cleanser for only ten bucks!


bliss pore patrol cleanser reduce enlarged pores

This cleanser has a BUNCH of ingredients in it that help with oily skin, breakouts and large pores. The clays help to absorb excess oils and impurities, while the willow bark and tea tree oil help with your clogged and enlarged pores.

I find it to be super refreshing, and almost tingly. It does not irritate my skin though and doesn’t dry me out. I just feel clean, pores tight, and smooth after using! My only gripe is that the product keeps clogging up the damn pump, and it will either not pump at all or just shoot out across the room. But other than that, 10/10!


This one was a little pricier, at $12, and I also did not care for this one at all. It promised to provide exfoliation (with bamboo buffers) while removing makeup and cleansing at the same time. For starters, the buffers-to-gel ratio is way off. I wasn’t getting an even exfoliation all over from this product, and it was kind of just an annoying amount of scrubbers. And second, the smell was so-so. The first two cleansers I mentioned have a nice refreshing smell, that is mostly from their ingredients that are included in the formula with a purpose. the scent of this one, however, is not from any ingredient that serves a purpose.

If you are looking for something that will BUFF the skin – you need:


This is probably my favorite thing I’ve tried from bliss! I was looking to replace my newly emptied Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It, and this is VERY similar. (Not that this is any cheaper or a better deal or anything – I just like to try new things, ok?)

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I love scrubs that are labeled ‘microdermabrasion’ because those are the ones with the teensiest scrubbers and really feel like you get a good buff while using. This Micro Magic has a nice tingly/minty feel and smell and leaves my face SO soft after using. I highly recommend incorporating a product labeled as ‘microdermabrasion’ into your routine, and this one is only 12 bucks.

(**side note – while researching for this post, I noticed/remembered that Kohl’s carries bliss products and for a much higher price point. I was wondering why it was such a BFD that they were at Target and so inexpensive now! Kohl’s still has a product listed called Micro Magic that is in different packaging, but says the original price is $48!! That is insane, considering it is likely the exact same formula.  This is not true. they are different formulas, according to the ingredient lists on the website. The main differences being that the expensive version contains loads of parabens, and the ‘drugstore’ version appears to have a lot more good-for-you skincare ingredients like kaolin, extracts, and oils.)

all three are currently on regular rotation


I mean – how could I resist trying this? It looks so cute and whipped up like lil marshmallowy goodness! It is supposed to make you bright and radiant, looking lit from within.

But I saw nothing. It felt like a waste of time on my face, and time I could have spent with BETTER masks on my face, that actually deliver for me. PASS.


This is the one that sparked this whole blog post idea. This product reminded me SO much in name and claims as the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. I have a whole blog post on that overnight mask, which I ultimately did not enjoy and ended up returning. So I can’t SHOW you side by side but I have used both and can TELL you.

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These masks definitely feel the same to me. After applying, it never really sinks in. Kind of sits on top of the skin AND starts to pill up and rub off in chunks something AWFUL and disgusting. Which is actually my exact experience with the Glow Recipe one!

This one is slightly more opaque than the Glow Recipe, has a bit of iridescent shimmer in the formula, and smells a little stronger of fake watermelon. It does feel a touch oilier/greasier than the Glow Recipe, which makes it even more disgusting if you ask me. The ingredient lists do read quite different – the bliss version is much longer. So they probably don’t accomplish similar things after using multiple nights in a row. Maybe – I don’t know. I can’t seem to get past more than one night of trying either.

For me – they are dupes because I hate them both 🙂

the ones that got away… because I returned them.

And that’s just a few of the cleansers and masks they have to offer! I’d love to check out more from their Pore Patrol line. What have you tried from bliss? What should I get next??