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Best Foundations for Oily Skin – All Coverage Levels!

Summer is in FULL SWING, and it is hotter than ever here in the south. Warm, humid, sweaty conditions are already a battleground for most makeup, and then add oily skin on top of that? Well, that is a perfect disaster.

But today, I want to share with you some of my HOLY GRAIL, best foundations for oily skin. These are foundations I know I can always reach for and they will (1) stay put & (2) keep me from being a grease ball. (Unlike some of the flops I’ve wear-tested lately on my channel…)

Most of these I have mentioned before, or even have a whole blog post about – but here is a round-up of my GO TO foundations!



best foundation for oily skin

Hands down, time after time, my number one foundation to use on long, hot sweaty days is Estée Lauder Double Wear. This foundation is $42 for one-ounce f product AND if you want to really have the best experience possible with this product then you need to purchase an additional pump to dispense. This doesn’t come with one.

BUT. I am telling you! This foundation will cover, and it will STAY IN PLACE. I am always amazed at how well my makeup stays on when I wear this. It is honestly absurd. It dries down super thin to an almost pigment-like stain. Sunglasses, sweat, humidity, eating – nothing makes it pool up or fade away.

Some folks I follow have said they just cannot get down with this foundation because it is so cakey. But I have never had that issue! I build up with a damp beauty blender in THIN layers. And it’s damn near perfect every time. I wore it once over the Cane + Austin Prime & Protect Mattifying Primer to an outdoor food and music festival in the MIDDLE of the summer – and I looked just as snatched at the end of the day.

My perfect shade match for this (and any foundation really) is 2C3 – Fresco, which has cool/rosy undertones.

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Another hands-down fave of mine is the BareMinerals BarePRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation with SPF 20. $34 for 1 oz of product and available in 30 shades. My best match is in the shade Cool Beige.

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I do find that this foundation can be tricky to apply and blend. But using the same method as the Double Wear with a damp sponge and thin layers – it builds up beautifully!

This foundation stays in place ALL day for me and helps to control extra shine. It is a bit of a more natural matte finish than the Double Wear. This formula ALSO has skincare properties, so using continuously overtime will improve texture and pore size. I highly recommend this foundation to anyone with oily skin!


best light coverage foundation for oily skin

I feel like a broken record when I tell you that this is one of my FAVORITE foundations! (But this is a best-of, Leslie recommends, type of thing!)

The Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum (now called No Makeup Foundation Serum) only comes in one shade and it is $60. So – so far this is not the most inclusive item on the planet in terms of shade range and accessibility. But listen. If you have oily skin, this shade even slightly matches you, and you have it in your budget to shell out the $60 – then you HAVE to get this stuff.

EVERY time I use this I ask myself why I even buy or try other foundations. The coverage is very minimal, but it evens out everything and creates a “your skin but better” vibe. AND! What sets this apart from other BB Creams, or “your skin but better” products, is that it is a “semi-matte suede finish” (suede is absolutely the best way to describe it) and it legit lasts me all day. All day!!

It is important to note that I am talking about the SERUM version here. The one with only one shade (again, I know. this shade doesn’t even match me perfectly – but the formula is SO good.) I have never tried the foundation version, but I think I might give it a whirl soon on my channel!

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I’m going to blast through a few here in this section because these three are all kind of similar in that they are 1. full coverage 2. great for oily skin/matte finish and 3. last ALL DAY.

Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily skin is my go-to, mix-in type of product. It is a little intense on its own, and I don’t exactly have the correct shade. So when I need to lighten, mattify, and make bulletproof and foundation in my drawer – I use this to mix in!

They do have an option for dry skin – which I have not tried. The oily skin version is available in 21 shades $10-$13 for 1 oz.

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The CoverGirl Outlast 3-in-1 Stay Fabulous Foundation has gone through a few packaging changes in the last few years – but it is still one of the best drugstore foundations out there! FULL coverage, super easy to use, and stays all day! The one I have is so old at this point, I’m pretty sure I ended up tossing it – but I will definitely repurchase!

This foundation is available in 13 shades, $8-$11 for 1 oz.

The hype around the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer is TRUE. I unfortunately STILL have the wrong shade, so I can’t use it as often as I would like to. But this foundation smooths, covers, and lasts the entire day on my oily skin in the humid AF south.

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This one is around $8 for 1 oz and comes in 19 shades.


A surprising favorite of mine, but certainly a Holy Grail (one of the few I own more than one shade in) is the CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir. This one is more of a medium coverage with a very natural, glowing finish. BUT – it wears surprisingly well on my oily skin. It does not melt off or fade away, and it doesn’t make me MORE oily. In addition to on its own, I love using this to mix into more intense, matte foundations. It brings the life back to my face, more skin like!

This one is only $8 at Target and comes in 14 shades.

I am still trying new foundations every week (you can follow along by subscribing to my channel!) so I have no doubt I will find some new favorites. But these are the best foundations for oily skin that I have tried over the years.


What is your go-to foundation??